Career Coaching

Career Coaching & Vocational Counseling: For those looking for employment and those looking for more satisfying careers.


Career coaching is the process of identifying an individual’s strengths and fostering an individual’s ability to express them confidently in achievement of their goals. We spend the first two sessions in a comprehensive vocational interview which includes testing and evaluating strengths.


Goal-setting follows. Examples of goals include a new job, educational needs, or other areas of professional interest.


Individualized services include resume and cover letter development, job-seeking skills training, interviewing, and negotiating pay and benefits.


Vocational Dynamics will help you to identify your strengths and express them confidently.



  • Set goals
  • Learn job-seeking skills
  • Market your strengths
  • Interview confidently
  • Negotiate pay



  • Get assignments that promote growth
  • Ask for a raise
  • Identify transferable skills
  • Know when to leave
  • Conduct a confidential search


These are skills you keep for life.


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